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Test and measurement systemen

Having many years of experience with various test, measurement and control systems, Rubytech can fulfill your requests in this area efficiently.


 To achieve efficient implementation for small numbers we will mostly work with National Instruments hardware.   If a system requires a specific interface, a PCB can also be developed.


To work efficiently with the National Instruments hardware we also work extensively with LabVIEW, a graphical programming tool from the same manufacturer. In addition, there is good knowledge of the languages C, C++, Pascal and assembler.

A few notable examples of systems previously built by the owner Joris Robijn are:

  • Measurement Architecture for test chips in the semiconductor industry
    • This system is the basis of measurements in the lab. It knows several chips, lots of tools, several kinds of tests and advanced users can set it up entirely to their needs.
      Various state-of-the-art high-speed A/D, D/A, and other basic analog PLL interface blocks have been measured by Joris Robijn. To be able to measure the performance characteristics of these components using the best methods possible, substantial knowledge about the possible setups and measurement procedures is necessary.
  • Measurement system for components of wind turbines
    • For a wind turbine, it is practically impossible to simulate lifetime situations in a quicker-than-realtime way. Therefore in certain wind turbines, a permanent measurement system was installed that monitors wear on the various components during the lifetime of the wind turbine. The relative inaccessability of a wind turbine means that the system needs to be measuring permanently. The current condition of wear of the machine can be viewed remotely at any time and specific wind loads that may cause excessive wear can be identified as they are happening. Sampling is done continuously done at 10kHz over the lifetime of the machine, allowing even unwanted vibrations and one-time events to be captures. The systems knows an alarm function which stores data dumps when an event occurs (from 30 sec before until 30 seconds after the alarm) and can send an email.
  • Innovative very fast hotplate control
    • In this system, rapid temperature increase was required (from 20 ° to 300 ° within a few seconds). An accurate control system is employed by which the temperature was controlled within 1 degree. 5kW of power was being switched.
  • Test positioning system
    • In this system, a motion controller operates an arm that selected a particular product for testing. The positions of the objects can be defined as required. By using an advanced motion controller, the movement of the arm can be extremely smooth in order to prevent bending the fragile objects.
  • 48-fold parallel counting system
    • On 48 signal lines pulses arrive from sensors at random times which have to be counted separately. By means of a FPGA the signals are be counted with a bandwidth of up to 100kHz. Since the FPGA used can easily count at a rate of many MHz this frequency was not a problem. This system is built with one the very first National Instruments CompactRIO systems in the Netherlands.
  • Image processing software
    • Various image processing solutions have been written. Often specific solutions were required, such as recently an algorithm to recognize the teeth of gears by means of an FFT.
  • Remote camera control
    • This system is designed to control broadcast video equipment. These may include mixers, players and cameras, with or without a pan and tilt mechanism. It is used in Rubytech’s live video productions.

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