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If you have a challenge in a combined area of fields within electronics, software, physics and video, you can ask Rubytech to develop a solution for you. See below for a number of examples.

Underwater camera

Over the years, Rubytech has developed a number of underwater housings for broadcast cameras. These are being used at video productions for amongst others the Dutch swimming federation KNZB. The camera is also rented out to broadcasters. See the Broadcast equipment page.

A recent development is a camera system that physically moves along with the swimmers. A stainless steel housing and a special hydrodynamic epoxy shape protect the camera and reduce friction while the camera is moving.

Automation at live video production

To be able to do a live production in an efficient way, Rubytech developed its own software to control a range of broadcast equipment. Also generating video fragments while the production is still ongoing is largely automated. For the Dutch swimming federation KNZB, Rubytech generates one movie per swimming race in this way, resulting in hundreds of videos per tournament.

See for more details on videoregie.nl.

Swimming match finish LEDs

In a swimming match it is often difficult to see who touches the wall first when finishing. Spectators need to check the scoreboard to see who is the winner. To make this easier, a system has been built that shows the winner immediately with LEDs above the winning lane. The first swimmer gets a blinking golden light bar, the second a constant silver light bar, the third a constant bronze light bar. When a record has been swom, a "light show" can automatically be shown. This system is operational in Eindhoven, and was developed for the yearly Swim Cup. It has also been used at the European Championships 2008 and at the European Short-Course Championships 2010 held in Eindhoven.

Swim record line

Will the swimmer set a new record? Half-way the race, this is difficult to judge. After each lap, the record’s lap time needs to be compared to the current lap time. This is a rather cumbesome process. However, when a record line is drawn in the video from a camera, it it suddenly very easy to judge. To be able to draw this line at the correct place in the video, a connection to the electronic time keeping system is required, the lap times of all records, and a continuously updated camera pan, tilt and zoom position. Click the video on the right to see what it looks like during a match. This video has not been edited.

The example shows whether swimmers would make their qualification time for the Olympic Games of London. Because this was not applicable for all swimmers, the line was not shown on all lanes. Various lines could be enabled during this competition, each with its own colour: World record, European record, Dutch record, limit for Olympic Games and limit for European Youth championships.

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