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Broadcast equipment

The following equipment is for hire. Please inform for details and a tailored price.

Scalers and other glue items

If you need a specific solution to connect 2 devices that don't fit together, there's a good chance Rubytech can provide the equipment for that. Please inform.

Further, things like (wireless) intercom, remote camera pan/tilt heads, small PoV cameras, (wireless) serial connections, black burst generator (SPG) etcetera are available.

HD Underwater camera

The Rubytech HD underwater camera has been used in a number of swimming competitions amongst which the Fina Swimming World Cup Eindhoven 2013, 2017 and 2018, the Eindhoven Swim Cup 2013 to 2019, and the LEN Synchronised Swimming European Champions Cup 2015.

The camera is composed of a custom underwater housing, a Sony BRC-Z330 integrated camera and a custom joystick panel. By means of the integrated pan/tilt system, the camera can change it's view smoothly while it is producing video.

Two of these cameras are available for rent, with crew.

To be easily transported by airplane, the camera is packaged in a lightweight flightcase combination. These are just within the IATA specification for check-in baggage. A cargo service is therefore usually not required to transport the device, saving time and money.


  • Camera used: Sony BRC-Z330 and Bradley/BR-Remote HDC-160
  • Resolutions: 1080/50i, 720/50p or 576/50i (via SDI)
  • Sensor: 2 Mpx CMOS
  • Signal to noise: 50dB
  • Pan angle: almost 180° wide view is available, limited by the underwater housing
  • Tilt angle: down 30°, up 90° (at extremities of pan angles the camera housing will become visible)
  • Angle of view at wide end: nearly 55°
  • Camera height above bottom of pool: 65 cm

See the following demo reel for more recordings of the camera.

Panasonic AW-HE120 remote cameras

Pan/tilt camera. 3 black and 1 white are available, and an AW-RP50 control panel. Specifications:

  • 1/3" 3MOS 3x 2.2Mpx sensor
  • Resolutions: 1080/50i, 720/50p, 576/50i (via SDI)
  • Reference: Blackburst or tri-sync
  • Signal to noise: 60dB
  • Pan/tilt speed: up to 60°/s
  • Can be mounted standing or hanging

2D flying camera on wires

This camera is under construction. It is able to move along a line and move in height, and is fully stabilised.

A range of cameras can be mounted. Mounted by default is a Panasonic AK-HC1500 HD 3CCD camera with a 13x4.5mm ultra-wide angle lens.

Other specs:

  • Span: more than 100m
  • Height: more than 20m
  • Speed horizontal: 0.05 to 3m/s, about 10km/h (dependent on the physical setup)
  • Speed vertical: 0.05 to 3m/s (dependent on the physical setup)
  • Maximum camera+lens weight: around 5kg
  • Control method: wireless
  • Video transfer method: wireless
  • Motion power requirements: 2x12V battery operated, optionally charged from 230V 4A. The battery capacity should be good for around two hours of continuous motion at full speed, or 8 hours of average use.

More information and images will be placed when the system is ready for operation.

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